hats for all

Introducing Hats for All, a project published in the latest issue of Taproot Magazine, Issue 8::Reclaim.

All the hats have the same gauge and were worked in Quince's Lark, a worsted weight yarn. It's one pattern with several variations—a good staple recipe to have on hand, is how I see it.

I'd like thank all my lovely models:
Imogen in the Peacock earflap hat with her friend, Oliver ("Obiber" as Immie says) wearing the Carrie's Yellow basic cap.

Oliver's baby brother, Forrest, in the Snap Pea basic cap.

Imogen's friend, Zineb, in Parsley double-brim.

Senetra in Sorbet basic cap.

Lily, Oliver & Forrest's mama, in Kittywake slouchy cap.

Nyanen also in the slouchy cap.

And last but not least, Ryan, in Sabine deep rib cap.

If you haven't seen this issue of Taproot yet, you'll be so excited when you do. It's my favorite yet—I can't wait to sew the Taproot tunic by 100 Acts of Sewing! And also make some of the yogurt recipes; they look delicious. And...more....

OH...and speaking of knit patterns from Taproot, my Fawn Hoodie pattern is now for sale on Madder and Ravelry.


Shipyard mitten pattern is now in the madder shop!

Mittens were knitted in Quince & Co. Owl / Elf—isn't that alpaca halo pretty? 

Ooh, it was a bitterly cold day when I photographed these mittens! The model (Dana) and I rushed outside to take these quick shots. Unfortunately, myfrozen  brain forgot to photograph the mittens un-bunched, to show their length and fitted shape.

I kept meaning to photograph them again, as still lives, but continued to put that off while continuing to wear them. A big no-no. I soiled them with soot while making a fire in my barn-studio. So now these light gray mitts are speckled with spots of black. Guess I'll just have to knit a pair in a dark shade—perhaps Huckleberry? Barred?

Here's a shot below where you can kind of see the soot on the ribbing of the palm. Boo. They are still warm, though!!