Spring is busy for us this year. I took on a big (for me) freelance photo gig, we're working to get my mom's house on the market, working to get our own house renovated a is overwhelming at times. Especially having passed the one-year anniversary of my dad's death.

But, spring is a wonderful season of new beginnings and fresh starts (right?).  My family and I are trying to stay positive and present (trying). Immie certainly helps to lift our moods and/or distracts us from the sad past and blurry future by....well, by being two years old. (Heehee.) And the chicks are so much fun, too.

Anyway, in the mix of all this I have had a little solace in my studio. I get short windows of time in there, though I can't say they are always productive. Sometimes I like to sit in the quiet and organize my fabric and yarn. So silly since there are a ton of other things I could be doing! But, I have actually managed to squeak out a pattern that will be released soon. So, stay tuned.

That's the scoop here.