imogen wool

When I was designing Imogen Tee, I couldn't decide on the sleeves. It drove me crazy for a little while before settling on the short tee-sleeves. Though I love my tee, I couldn't help but wonder what this sweater would be like with longer sleeves.

And so I present you with Imogen Wool. This version is worked in Finch (100% wool vs. the wool/silk blend of Tern). I think the stitch definition is gorgeous in Finch. I'm looking forward to some cooler temps so I can begin wearing mine.

The pattern is slightly different from the Tee--adding the sleeves changed the upper arm measurements and hence the yoke numbers are different (in case you are wondering). Enjoy!

Find the pattern on Ravelry or Madder.

ps: I'm offering an introductory price of $4 for the rest of the month of August.