Meet Clementine, a collection of little knits which include a hoodie, a vest, and a toddler shrug. As you can see they all are adorned with Feather and Fan, a pretty and simple-to-knit lace pattern that is so appealing, I had to use it in all 3 designs. I just couldn't help myself.

The Clementine hoodie comes in 2 different lengths--a long, a-lined version and a shorter, straight-shaped version. Both are knitted in Lark (long shown in Apricot, short shown in Egret). Both the vest and the shrug are made in soft-to-the-touch-Chickadee (vest shown in Nasturtium, shrug shown in Petal).

The photos in the e-book were taken in Seattle back in June, so I thought it'd be fun for Immie to model these pieces last weekend (see below), since we were hanging around our yard anyway. Though she has grown a bit since then, one thing hasn't changed--she's still on the move. I can't get that girl to stand still unless she's eating blackberries or picking dandelions or picking mint get the idea. But, I love her energy. She keeps me going. (Sorry to bombard you with so many photos. I know I've said that before--it's just so hard to edit my little, imp Imogen.)

 Both the e-book and the individual patterns are available on Madder and Ravelry.