I almost forgot about Ada! I photographed this sweater a while back on Chloe before she left town. It was a chilly 15º that November morning, but it is certainly hard to tell...the sun looks so warm on Chloe's face.

But, actually, I haven't forgotten about Ada because I wear her almost daily. Ada was inspired by Andrea Zittel’s panel project Formerly known as Smockshop, which is a line of products by various artists that have a common principle—the rectangle. Though Ada is not a true rectangle since it is worked in the round to the underarm, it does embody a boxy, relaxed style that is simple to knit (double seed stitch) and easy to wear.

I'd like to give my studio mate, Karen Gelardi, credit for introducing me to Andrea Zittel's projects. She is one of the artists to contribute to both Smockshop and Formerly known as Smockshop.

Ravelry link here.