I have been spending a lot of time with the new book Interwoven. I would kiss it, but that's a little odd, so I just look through the pages with complete admiration instead. Stephanie Barnes and Maria Vettese make up the team 3191 Miles Apart, a creative force that continues to inspire, excite, and engage me. And you, too, I imagine. Their work always makes me want to dream just a little bit longer, you know?

Quince is so lucky the project spiraled into this keepsake-of-a-book. When really, I just got in touch with Maria (who I've met only a couple of times through a mutual friend) to see if she would be willing to take still life snaps of our yarn. She and Stephanie cooked up a book idea and off they went making this incredible goodness.

I'm pondering colors for my necklace...I'd like to make a bracelet, too.