imogen tee

I'm so happy to introduce you to Imogen. No, not my baby, my sweater.
Imogen (the person) inspires me everyday. To no end. I love her, love her, love her. To no end. And so I wanted to knit something as beautiful as she. When I saw this lovely stitch pattern, frost flowers, come to life on my needles I knew it was the one worthy of my daughter's name. (Too sappy!? I don't care one bit. It's true.)
Hope you like it. There's more frost flowers coming this week, so stay tuned.

Oh, and what a way to start a week--did you see Wool People? I happen to have a couple designs in there. Thanks, Jared, for including me! SO many wonderful projects in there. 

yarn: Tern 
color: Stonington 

Patterns are available on Madder and Quince and Ravelry!