just for fun

Last weekend I knit myself a beret version of Leila in Kelp to match a vintage dress. A dress that I can not (will not, and never have been able to) fit into. But, I knew just the gal with just the right (slender) measurements who would be able to slide that zipper up with no trouble at all—Abigail. She's a lovely model we use for Quince and she was getting ready to move away from Portland (boohoo!) last Monday. I really wanted to give her the dress before she set sail, but I also really, really wanted to photograph her in it. Just for fun. And, so I did...wearing Leila.
Note to the stylist (that was me): Pull hat up off forehead, so it actually looks like a beret. (oh, the things I think of after the shoot is over.)

ps: that is Abigail's empty apartment. such a beautiful space.