babe patterns

Annabel Babe and Leila Babe are done!
Imogen has been very cooperative this weekend and let me get a fair amount of work done. (thank you, darling). So, I am happy to introduce these 2 new patterns. The wee one will have to grow into the cap a bit, but I figure it is better to have the knits on the big side for a longer lasting fit. Hopefully, they'll both fit her through this winter, though she's really growing fast. I can hardly believe it.
Annabel Babe is worked from the top down all in one piece. Most of the photos only show the garment with three buttons, however I did end up sewing all six on as you can see from the last image. It is a simple knit (all-over garter stitch with no seams) and made with the softest wool yarn (chickadee). Plus, it is easy to get on and off a baby. I think this could be unisex with the right color and button choice.
Leila Babe has been on my mind for a long time now. The vine stitch works up beautifully in Tern (wool/silk) and I am so in love with that gray!! Some may not think it is an obvious choice for a baby, but it looks so dreamy with Immie's skin. And, it matches the buttons of Annabel perfectly.

ps: sorry for posting so many photos--it was a hard edit!