Meet Belle, a new pattern I designed for Quince. The progression of the original idea to the final piece is always intriguing to me. Here's how this one went:
On a Saturday afternoon: I began perusing my books for eye-catching lace stitches. I was thinking of making a little shawl or a little scarf. No knitting was accomplished. Sadly.
Sunday: I decided on Lucina Shell pattern which looked like wonderful, little bell-shaped flowers. Good. Swatch complete.
Monday: I decided an ascot was the way to go and so I cast-on for Belle. But wait. Stuck. What do I do after the edging is complete? Hmmmm. Pause. Some kind of eyelet rib? Luke warm. Garter Stitch? Ummm...yes please. It just made sense, since it was already established in the stitch pattern. Groovy.
Tuesday: Knitting, knitting....piece one complete. Knitting, casing complete on piece two, knitting, spilling(!!!)juice on ascot, rats!, knitting sticky stitches, three-needle BO, quick steam-block. Done.
Tuesday 5pm: Run to photo shoot

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