ina / beret

Here is a beret version of Ina in chickadee/storm. I was so busy designing the website and thinking about the photography for the photo shoot, I had very little time to knit the first version. So, I opted to make Ina a cap. Sadly, due to the time crunch, it was not a very pleasurable knitting experience. I was using bamboo needles, which I usually love, but for this yarn/project, I was having a terrible time sliding the stitches along. It seemed to take me twice as long, tick-tock, when I needed it to take me half the time.
SO, as soon as the shoot was over, I decided to make Ina again. This time with happier results. I splurged and bought some addi's—the stitches moved freely. My hands were at ease, there was no lingering deadline ahead of me. It was fun this time! phew.
(Camera shy am I, so lucky for me Allen volunteered to be help me out!)