a very unglamorous shot of my life right now...trying to choose a color scheme for a pair of mittens in my living room which is undergoing renovations.
the creative process doesn't always cooperate with deadlines, though i finally had my ah-ha! moment for those mittens yesterday. in that moment i can clearly visualize the finished piece, which helps the swatching immensely.
recently, i was working on a submission for a magazine and i had the look and feel established in my mind, but the swatches just weren't relaying that same sensibility. i swatched and swatched...and in the end it didn't come together so i passed on submitting the design. wouldn't you know a few days later i woke up in the middle of the night and i had it - that ah-ha! moment. oh well...i'll add it to my list of designs to make for Madder!