it's been a long time since my last post - it's hard to get things in order after you've been away on your honeymoon for 2 weeks! i came home and immediately jumped back into work. we had a big photo shoot for next spring/summer's collection. the photos above are from the house we rented for a location. it was a lot of fun...yet, i'm really looking forward to putting my head around fall/winter.
in regards to swatch diaries...i'm so excited about the photographs, the yarn, and soon to be swatches from my recent trip. i have a lot of work to do this fall. i really hope to have this first volume done by the end of this year - because i already have some ideas brewing for the next year's volume!
ok, patterns, design, inspiration. i'm inside a different sweater each night in my dreams. it's a bit overwhelming, but reassuring that i'm right where i need to be.