winter woolies

The snow has melted! Is it wrong, but I actually miss it? Don't get me wrong, I love spring, LOVE spring. But, it's just so early, I'm suspicious that we'll get slammed with snow in April. We'll see...

Regardless of the lack of snow, a pile of worn knits has piled up, in need of a good cleaning. Lately, I haven been giving our winter woolies a wash using my Twig & Horn Wool Soap and have to say, I love it. The clean softness and the aroma (my scent is Lemongrass) is creating more comfy, cozy knits.


madder market

Opens March 4th & 5th

If you subscribe to my e-letter, then earlier this month you may have seen my announcement about my new adventure, Madder Market. However, I was a little optimistic in reporting that this would happen this weekend! I've decided to give myself a little more time to prepare. I am happy to say that I will be quietly opening my doors to you on March 4th and 5th. 

Shop hours will be Fridays 10am to 2pm and Saturdays from 10am-3pm.

How to find me? 
Come to Fort Andross, 14 Maine St, Brunswick, ME 04011.
Enter the building at the doors marked Mill Two and I'm on the second floor across from the Ladies sign. It can be confusing to find me if you do not enter through the Mill Two doorway. 

What is in my shop?
I imagine that answer will evolve over time, but I'm starting small with just a few yarns and goods that I love. Select yarns from Quince & Co., Yoth, Swans Island, and The Fibre Co. to start. Pattern books, Amirisu Magazine, goods from Fringe Association and more....

Come visit if you're in the area!


hey there

This past weekend I went to Stitches West out in California. I had such a great time meeting so  many knitters and being in a place where there was so much colorful flora. A very inspiring weekend! 

I'm also glad to be home. Sigrid and I have not been apart for that long before. When I got home last night, I had to wake her up to hold her for a bit. She was like a little monkey, wrapping her arms around my neck and not letting go. Imogen was sweet, too, wanting me to sit by her side as she fell asleep. We hadn't done that in a very long time.


madder studio

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may already know that I have started renting a studio space outside of my home. For two years now, I have been working solely on Madder and have been working out of my charming, yet difficult-to-work-in barn-studio. The first year flew by as I was just so enthralled to be putting my heart into Madder completely. But, this past year, I've really struggled with working from home. So, I decided to fix that.

I now have a giant, 1100 square foot studio space in an old mill in Brunswick, Maine and I couldn't be more pleased with the decision. I still need a desk, some shelves, and the rest of my stuff, but that will come. It's warm, there are no mice (that I know of), and there are no little hands getting into all my things (as much as I love those little hands!).


Stay tuned for more...

Today I'll be signing Swoon Maine books at KnitWit from 1-3pm, so if you're local—stop by if you want! Cecily Glowik MacDonald and Mary Jane Muklestone will be there signing the books, too!

I'm knitting a pair of modified December booties with a row of eyelets for an I-cord ankle tie for Siiri for Christmas. What are you knitting?