baby goodies

Since Sigrid is our second child, we really didn't need anything new for her. But, I couldn't help but want her to have a couple of things that were hers only and not hand-me-downs (though, I love them!)

So, here you see my two splurges. The bunny is handmade by Stephanie Congdon Barnes over at 3191 miles apart. I also bought this amazing quilt from my friend Emma of Triumph Street. Both of these have gotten a ton of use already...

Oh, and she's also getting a lot of wear out of both these knits. Asaka pullover is one of the sweaters from Basics for Babe, an ebook I did for Quince & Co. And the cap, you've seen already—it's the Leila Babe. Yes, I do like that shade of brown! It's twig in chickadee and driftwood in tern.