dream phase to pattern phase


Since my studio time is limited these days to 1 - 2 hour blocks (sounds sadly like my sleep schedule at night!), I've been in my dreaming and scheming phase now since I released Anthology 2. This is easily one of my favorite parts of the process, so I don't mind if it lingers on a little longer than usual. Right now, I'm pairing yarns with fabrics, thinking about clothing I'd wear with certain silhouettes, and which yarns might be a good match for each sweater (or accessory). And color...I love choosing the color palette!

Above: Tinkering with the Anthology 3 line-up...
Below: A new project idea in the works for later this year...still wondering if I can pull it off...? We'll see!

Anyway, next it is time to carve out more studio time in longer chunks so I can write some patterns. I now have a rough list of all the projects I'd like to make/design this year. So for the next several weeks, I'll be in pattern writing mode. This is a time where I need to focus and concentrate...so I will try to finish this before Immie is on summer vacation!