dream phase

At the beginning of last year I had so many knit design ideas, they filled my calendar up for about a year. Now the year has past and those projects have been completed. I have a clean slate on my calendar for the future and I'm trying to plan my new ideas realistically. But, that's really hard because there is so much I want to do! I have had to face that my time and my brain space is not what it used to be now that Sigrid is on the scene. And that's okay—she's worth it.

Perhaps what would have been a full work load for a year is now stretched out to fill up two years instead. Slow design. I'm excited about what I have planned, though, and hope you'll all stick around as the projects unfold.

Shown above: chickadee / quince & co.
Colors from left to right: caspian, sedum, aleutian, clay, & honey