last chance / special offer


I sent out an e-letter today with news that the special offer of a 30% off coupon code for Simple Pleasures spring / summer ebook will be ending on Sunday.  There has been a little confusion surrounding that, so I just want to clarify! :)

The promotion started when I first announced the pre-orders were opening for Anthology 2 at the beginning of January.

If you already pre-ordered Madder Anthology 2 print & ebook package, or plan to pre-order between now and Sunday, check out the ebook that gets emailed to you—the coupon code is on the last page.

Use this coupon code on Monday, March 2 when you purchase the Simple Pleasures spring / summer ebook. No need to pre-order this ebook, it will just be ready to purchase! And, it will not be available in print.