more on Beatrice & Bea


My latest stitch obsession, the cross stitch, is featured in Bea & Beatrice from Anthology 1. The collection started with the Beatrice Cowl which I brought with me to Rhinebeck 2012! Due to the warm weather that weekend, I never actually got to wear it, but I did keep dreaming of other ways to use this stitch.

Beatrice Cardigan was the next piece I designed—I think my favorite piece in the book. It has many features that I'm drawn to in a cardigan: an open front, inset pockets, and of course, all-over garter stitch. The cross stitch is worked in small areas (the pocket trim and cuffs), so you can ease into the crossing pattern before you get to the grand finale of the band. Both the cowl and the cardigan are worked in worsted Lark by Quince & Co.

And the collection kept growing. Bea Cardi came from my desire to use the reversible nature of the stitch in a light weight cardi (made in Quince's fingering weight yarn, Tern). I love how the stitch pattern in the front panels is a different gauge than the garter stitch, so the fronts are longer than the back. I already have a modification in mind—I'd like to make one  with longer sleeves in Quince's Finch yarn (I have some Slate set aside!).

The rest of the collection for me was all about accessories...yes, there needed to be a scarf—a long one! And, yeah, why not, a wrap, too. I just couldn't stop myself.

I know this stitch is a little unusual, but it's really interesting to see the crossing strands of the yarn. Perhaps it is less pretty than lace, but the open fabric that is achieved is really intriguing and sophisticated looking—at least I think so!