cute little garden eaters

The other day, I was working quietly in my studio when I noticed a little visitor at the door. Oh! A baby groundhog who lives under the barn with his mama came in to say hello. I'd seen the little guy/gal before, so I wasn't completely surprised to see its curious face pop in. Well, it didn't linger long... it jumped down and was hungry so off the wee one went into the yard to nibble on some greens. At this point, I was without my camera which I'm still sour about because when I silently walked close to the door to watch the babe, I noticed another little face appear..and another...and another...until there were SEVEN little nuggets grazing outside my door. It was the cutest sight.

I tried to be subtle and walked past them to get my camera up at the house, but this startled them and they quickly disappeared. When I came back, I waited at the door to see if they'd come out again, but only one little brave, hungry groundhog emerged. 

About 10 feet from my barn studio is our fenced off vegetable garden. I think they're so cute now, but later this summer they'll grow and get hungrier— I fear for my garden!