My mom is amazing and took Imogen to visit some family so I could have some time to hide away in my studio. I took a break from pattern writing! I have been wanting to get my machine out for so long and I just haven't felt like I could take the time to do so. But today, I took the time.

This is a wiksten tank made from fabric I bough at Fiddlehead. I cut the pieces out in December, so 5 months later (and just in time for spring) it is done.

I learned that I need to practice...but I made this with so much more confidence than anything else I have ever sewn.  I definitely turned a corner working on this one. However, I found myself getting anxious sewing the armholes...the machine seemed to move faster! So whatever, it's not perfect, but I won't be embarrassed to wear it out and say I made this.

And tomorrow: I get to sew some more. I'm taking a class at A Gathering of Stitches.