what a year...

Can you believe it's the end of 2014 already? This year was so full and so fast. Hope you don't mind me taking a quick moment to reflect...

My biggest and best achievement was the birth of our darling, little sweetheart, Sigrid. A family of four is work—hard work. But so fulfilling.

For fun, I spent some time learning how to print fabric yardage at A Gathering of Stitches...so wonderful. I had such a good time there. Also, as you can see, I continued to accumulate lots of fabric but, sadly, did very little sewing.

Professionally, it's been a big year for Madder.  2014 was the first full year of working independently and boy did I stay busy. There was some great freelance work which included photography for books (Carol Sulcoski's second book being one of them), graphic design for Gudrun Johnston's book The Shetland Trader Book Two, and knitwear design that was published in Amirisu, Kelbourne Woolens, and four designs, one in each issue, for Taproot Magazine. And, I published two books: Anthology 1 and Elements. Phew, I'm tired.

OH, you won't believe this....but I also worked on Anthology 2! I'm just finishing up the layout and hope to send it to the printer in the next couple of weeks. More on that later this week.

So, what's up for 2015? January I'll be opening pre-orders for the second book of Anthology. I have a little ebook planned for spring time—which I also worked on this past year. (If you're wondering why I worked so much it's because I knew I'd get very little done with the arrival of Siiri...so I busted a move and did 2 years worth of work in 1.)

I also hope to sew a lot! And, I'd like to re-knit some of the designs from Anthology 1 & 2 in different colors and yarns. I've dreamed of having a hand-made wardrobe for a while, so I'm going to keep working on that. All the knits that are featured in the books get shipped off to trunk shows, so I'm left with none for me. I need to fix that. Siiri and Immie could also use some hand-made clothes too, don't you think?

And, I hope to slowly plug away on the last Anthology book, which may take me 2 years to produce as I'm finding out my hunch was right—it is much harder to get work done with 2 kids.

Wow, this is a long, rambling post...sorry! So selfish, just talking about myself. What about you? Any big plans for next year? Can't wait to spend another year here together.

Wishing you all a happy, bright holiday!