maddie hoodie

Meet Maddie! My latest hoodie for babe/kids knitted in Quince & Co.'s Chickadee.

I finally finished the little version for Siiri this morning. I cast on a week or so before she was born and was nearly finished, but things have been so busy with Siiri's arrival and the arrival of my book shipment(!), so the finishing bit took longer than I expected. But, hey, that's okay.

Siiri is wearing the 3 month size (at 3 weeks), so you can see there's room to grow. Not too fast, though...I'm savoring each and every moment. As I've learned with Immie, time goes by so quickly! Speaking of Immie, she is wearing the largest size—4 year. Aw....

Pattern is available on Madder and Ravelry.

The photos below were shot at Imogen's sweet little school.


Bottom photo: Immie is smiling at her dad. I love those dimples!

I hope you enjoy this little knit as much as my daughters do. (I LOVE saying that—daughters—plural!)