Although I had not been as active on this blog throughout the summer as I'd hoped, I have been a busy little knitter/designer bee.  My pregnancy, though planned, made me panic about work stuff. Once I found out for sure, I decided plan double the amount of projects so that I could take a little maternity leave while still having work to release to keep Madder going.

I'm really looking forward to sharing these projects with you in the months to come. 

I feel like I could sign off any minute now...or not...I love this part of the pregnancy. When will we get to meet you baby? And, are you a boy or a girl? Mama, Papa, and Immie can't wait to find out.

Oh, and don't worry, shipping out Anthology 1 will be top priority as soon as the books arrive in November. I imagine having the baby snuggled close to me, with all of my families hands on deck to make it possible.

so nice

This Fall has been so warm and lovely for the most part. I'm savoring these days with Imogen as I get to give her all of my attention (for who knows how much longer). Being outside with her, in our backyard, makes us both very happy! Too bad Papa has been so busy inside, making our kitchen functional again.

getting closer...

Baby's due date is approaching! 
Just to keep life interesting, my husband and I have been working on renovating our kitchen. Cause that's what you do when you're about to have a baby, right? (Yeah—let's make things more chaotic!) It has been a little overwhelming not having a stove and a kitchen sink just weeks away from B day, but it will be nice when it is done and that is what I am trying to focus on. Though, all I want to do these days is nest...wash and fold little laundry and stuff like that!

Hope you are all enjoying October...my favorite month of the year.


barn sweater errata


I'm sorry to report that some important errata was discovered this week on the Barn Sweater from Taproot.

Under raglan shaping, some numbers were missing!
Repeat the last 2 rows 18 (19, 21, 24, 26, 27, 29) more times; ....

I'm so sorry I didn't catch that!