maddie hoodie

Meet Maddie! My latest hoodie for babe/kids knitted in Quince & Co.'s Chickadee.

I finally finished the little version for Siiri this morning. I cast on a week or so before she was born and was nearly finished, but things have been so busy with Siiri's arrival and the arrival of my book shipment(!), so the finishing bit took longer than I expected. But, hey, that's okay.

Siiri is wearing the 3 month size (at 3 weeks), so you can see there's room to grow. Not too fast, though...I'm savoring each and every moment. As I've learned with Immie, time goes by so quickly! Speaking of Immie, she is wearing the largest size—4 year. Aw....

Pattern is available on Madder and Ravelry.

The photos below were shot at Imogen's sweet little school.


Bottom photo: Immie is smiling at her dad. I love those dimples!

I hope you enjoy this little knit as much as my daughters do. (I LOVE saying that—daughters—plural!)




Welcome baby! Sigrid Sia was born last week—punctually on her due date. We are so very happy to be home with our two daughters! I really thought I might have a boy...which would have been great...but we all are thrilled for a another girl.

I have read that Sigrid means victory, wisdom, and beautiful. And Sia can mean one who gives joy. I really love that, especially considering some of the personal challenges I have had this year, it seems fitting that this baby should have these names. We have decided to nickname her Siiri, which is actually the Finnish version of Sigrid.

We love you, Siiri! We also love that her initials spell out sshh....maybe this little lamb will be slightly more mellow than her active big sister. Either way...but it would be a nice balance if she was.

In celebration of her arrival, I'm offering 20% off in my Madder shop! Today through the end of the day tomorrow (EST). Promotional code is: sshh





Although I had not been as active on this blog throughout the summer as I'd hoped, I have been a busy little knitter/designer bee.  My pregnancy, though planned, made me panic about work stuff. Once I found out for sure, I decided plan double the amount of projects so that I could take a little maternity leave while still having work to release to keep Madder going.

I'm really looking forward to sharing these projects with you in the months to come. 

I feel like I could sign off any minute now...or not...I love this part of the pregnancy. When will we get to meet you baby? And, are you a boy or a girl? Mama, Papa, and Immie can't wait to find out.

Oh, and don't worry, shipping out Anthology 1 will be top priority as soon as the books arrive in November. I imagine having the baby snuggled close to me, with all of my families hands on deck to make it possible.

so nice

This Fall has been so warm and lovely for the most part. I'm savoring these days with Imogen as I get to give her all of my attention (for who knows how much longer). Being outside with her, in our backyard, makes us both very happy! Too bad Papa has been so busy inside, making our kitchen functional again.