farm visit

A friend of ours is farm-sitting for the week and we had the pleasure of stopping by for a visit yesterday. So fun! Several baby goats and lambs were born earlier in the week (much to my friend's surprise...the babes came earlier than expected).

Siiri was a little fussy so I couldn't get in to see all the wee ones—I didn't want to disturb them and their protective mamas. But, I did get to see one babe goat who was such a sweetie. I wanted to bring him home with us. Animals...I love them...

a big thank you...

I have been meaning to write this post all week...
I just wanted to say thank you to Hannah (the model, top photo) and her mom, Lori, for traveling up to Maine for the photo shoot last September. I so enjoyed meeting you, Lori, and it was such a pleasure photographing you again, Hannah.

This was the first shoot of a few for Anthology 2 and the light that day turned out to be bright and shiny. Not at all the gray, overcast day I was hoping for. But, we made it work by hiding (in the morning) behind a giant rock, which turned out to be a the primary location for the rest of the shoots. The afternoon was just as sunny and instead of hiding in the shade, I decided to get right out there in the thick of it and make the most of it. After all, these were spring/summer pieces—the sun turned out to be a perfect touch to the Simple Pleasures spring / summer images.

And, I have to mention that Hannah brought some of her fantastic wardrobe with her and we styled both shoots that day completely with her clothes. Thanks for that, Hannah!

Oh, yes, and I was so pregnant! 34 weeks to be exact. I love that photo Hannah took of my belly and the Lori Light shawl. It's so fun to think, now knowing Sigrid, that that's her there in growing in my belly! Amazing.

Anyway...thank you, ladies. And, thank you to all of you who have supported Madder this year!

ps: Check out Vibeke's blog for some fun giveaways! Today is my Camilla Shawls pattern...



last chance / special offer


I sent out an e-letter today with news that the special offer of a 30% off coupon code for Simple Pleasures spring / summer ebook will be ending on Sunday.  There has been a little confusion surrounding that, so I just want to clarify! :)

The promotion started when I first announced the pre-orders were opening for Anthology 2 at the beginning of January.

If you already pre-ordered Madder Anthology 2 print & ebook package, or plan to pre-order between now and Sunday, check out the ebook that gets emailed to you—the coupon code is on the last page.

Use this coupon code on Monday, March 2 when you purchase the Simple Pleasures spring / summer ebook. No need to pre-order this ebook, it will just be ready to purchase! And, it will not be available in print.